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Samsung launches BizBee family of business-oriented smartphones – Engadget Mobile

pfff, wie „business-orientiert“ kann das denn bitte sein, wenn schon wieder ne Kamera (bzw. sogar zwei) eingebaut ist?

We’re not quite sure what Samsung’s trying to pull here, but it’s apparently using some BizBee moniker to revamp a few dusty smartphones with Windows Mobile 6.1.

via Samsung launches BizBee family of business-oriented smartphones – Engadget Mobile

The Engadget Review: Palm Treo Pro – Engadget Mobile

Engadget Mobile hat den Treo Pro getestet:

All in all there really isn’t a lot to say here. The Treo Pro is is a solid, if fairly familiar device that will please the business set and few others. For all its good looks and clean lines, this isn’t being marketed to a wide range of customers — not with its software or its price, and because of that the Pro creates a strange dichotomy. It’s the first time in a long time we’ve seen inspired design from the company, but it’s also the first time we’ve seen them market a device destined solely for the upper tier of buyers (and believe us, up there you’ve got some pretty stiff competition). Palm, we hate to repeat ourselves, but here’s what you should be doing right now: getting your new OS out the door, getting it onto a device that follows in the Pro’s design footsteps, and leveraging those hardware costs against a reasonable carrier deal. The Treo Pro is a fine phone, but not the device that will put you back up on top of the pile.

The Engadget Review: Palm Treo Pro – Engadget Mobile.